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Arutz Sheva TV

PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Weekly Cabinet Meeting - 11/10/2015

11.10.2015 דברי ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו בפתח ישיבת הממשלה השבועית. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Remarks at the Weekly Cabinet Meeting. וידאו: איתי בית-און, לע"מ סאונד: ניר שרף, לע"מ

Four hurt in new Israel stabbing attack as Palestinians bury their dead

11.10.2015 Four people have been stabbed in another knife attack in Israel. It happened near a bus stop not far from the northern city of Hadera.

Attempted Suicide Bombing near Ma'ale Adumim

10.10.2015 Arab woman detonates car bomb near Ma'ale Adumim, lightly wounding one police officer; bomb meant for Jerusalem.

Angus Deaton wins 2015 Nobel Economics Prize

12.10.2015 British economist Angus Deaton has won the 2015 Nobel Economics Prize for his work in analyzing consumption, poverty and welfare. Rough Cut (No reporter narration).

Muslim Student Challenges Jewish Professor, He Shuts Her Up On The Spot

14.09.2014 David Horowitz at UCSD 5 10 2010 Hosted by Young Americans for Freedom and DHFC

ידיעות אחרונות

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EoZ interview with Benjamin Weinthal

26.03.2014 NYC, March 26, 2014.

The Blums of Eli

21.01.2014 An interview with Gedaliah and Elisheva Blum, Jewish residents of Eli in Judea and Samaria ("settlers.") They started a business selling items made in their area, that was featured in a New York Times article.

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Simcha channel

Boruch Sholom Blesofsky Live In Detroit - Sukkos 2015

 01.10.2015 Boruch Sholom Blesofsky performing in Detroit on Wednesday, September 30th, Chol Hamoed Sukkos in the Sukkah of noted Detroit askan, Reb Meir Kranczer.


06.08.2015 In the song called “Bu’Ah” (which stands for Bracha V’Hatzlacha), Lipa tells over his experiences in visiting the Gedolei Yisrael, such as R’ Chaim Kanievsky, the Skolener Rebbe and others.

Lipa Schmeltzer, Mordechai Ben David (MBD), Avraham Fried, Yossi Green, Shopping at Pomegranate

"The Copyright Project" Official Music Video

In this lighthearted look at the very serious problem of the illegal copying and downloading that has plagued the music business, Jewish music personalities join forces taking you through a day in the life of a fictitious Jewish singer, portrayed by Yoely Leibowitz. Like everyone else, he is trying to earn an honest living, support his family and use his abilities to help others, but throughout the day he encounters former singers who have been forced to take other jobs as illegal copying and downloading has eaten away at their primary source of income.  Music by Hershy Ginsberg Produced by FM Productions and Sparks Next Directed by Danny Finkelman Director of Photography Mauricio Arenas

Adar - "Halaila" (Official Music Video) "אדר - "הלילה

"UNITY" Official Music Video

Hanukkah 2013 with Modzitzer Rebbe

 29.11.2013 Modzitzer Rebbe from Israel, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Taub at first night of Chanukah candle light, in Borough Park on Nov. 27, 2013. The event was held at the Shul Emunas Yisroel with Rabbi Wolfson, the niggunim were led by one of the most gifted and inspired composers of Hassidic niggunim, Rabbi Ben Zion Shenker. Modzitz is a famous Chassidic Rabbinic dynasty that is known for its music or Nigunnim.

klezmer music among the Hasidim in Miron Israel

klezmer music among the Hasidim in Miron Israel

Bentzi Marcus and Dovid Dachs - 'Yedid Nefesh'

Yossi Azulay - Prayers II (full album)

Lipa and the Rubashkin petition

אלי אלבז שופט כל הארץ נוסח מרוקו

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צפו בקובי אפללו בביצוע מדהים בשירו שיר געגועים בגמר הפייטן

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Vegan Potato Latkes Recipe - Vegan Hanukkah Jewish Holiday - לביבות תפוחי אדמה

Latkes (לביבות תפוחי אדמה)are a traditional Hanukkah treat. So why not make them vegan? This is my first time having them, but I love to celebrate with everyone. I love potatoes, I love applesauce, I love Pancakes, so why not?

How to Make Potato Latkes - Hanukkah Recipe

03.12.2012 Latke making with Ruth Wolff. Bonus feature from the DVD "Jewish Holiday Celebration" by Rebbetzin Tap. For more info on the DVD, go to:http://www.RebbetzinTap.com.

"Chanukah Fever" by Mama Doni

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"Ya'alili" by 8th Day: The official music video

Punk Jews - The Full Documentary

From Hasidic punk rockers, Yiddish street performers, African-American Jewish activists, this film covers politics, art, fashion, and religion like you have never seen before. Punk Jews explores a rising trend among committed Jews who are sincerely asking and expressing what it really means to be Jewish in the 21st century while smashing stereotypes. The term ‘punk’ is usually used to describe a group of singers with Mohawks and safety pins in their ears but the true essence of punk are people that don’t conform to the established expectations, who express themselves freely regardless of the opinions of others. This documentary is about ‘punk’ Jews. Like most religious cultures, Judaism is struggling to bridge the gap between tradition and the modern world. There seem to be many different contradictory interpretations of Jewish traditions and many wrestle to find the answers to common questions regarding the stereotypes, rules, and regulations. This film takes us to New York City where there’s a new movement of young Jewish people expressing Judaism in unconventional ways. They are defying the norm at any cost as they embrace their Jewish identity in their own rediscovered ways. http://www.punkjews.com

Golden Buzzer Auditions - Britain's Got Talent 2015 & America's Got Talent 2015

Golden Buzzer Auditions - Britain's Got Talent 2015

Incredible 5 year old Heavenly Joy sings Impossible Dream for thousands

28.04.2015 5 Year old Heavenly Joy performing at the Unstoppable Celebrity Gala at the Century City Hyatt. March 2015

Punk Jews

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Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn

 26.11.2013 http://israelvideosfeed.comBorough Park (usually spelled Boro Park by its residents), is a neighborhood in the southwestern part of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City in the United States; Borough Park covers an extensive grid of streets between Bay Ridge and Prospect Park. Borough Park had its beginnings in a few streets of cottages called "Blythebourne" erected in 1887 by the speculative builder, Electus B. Litchfield.Another developer, William Reynolds, built more speculative housing in the area, which was served by a steam railroad, the Brooklyn, Bath and Coney Island West End Line. Borough Park is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel, with one of the largest concentrations of Jews in the United States, and Orthodox traditions rivaling many insular communities. Since the average number of children in Hasidic and Hareidi families is 6.72, Borough Park is experiencing sharp growth. It is an economically diverse area, with rich, working class and poor people living side-by-side and going to the same schools and synagogues. Its heart lies between 9th and 18th Avenues and 40th and 61st Streets. Borough Park is patrolled by the NYPD's 66th [6] Precinct and by Boro Park Shomrim Citizen Safety Patrol

To Be a Jew in the Free World | Official Trailer

 06.01.2014 http://www.myjli.com/ What was it like for our ancestors to say goodbye to the shtetl, to set out to discover new lives for themselves, along with all of the liberties the free world had to offer?  At the dawn of the enlightenment, how did our parents adapt their Judaism to the developments of a modern age?  What can we learn from their struggles to connect deeply with our own Jewish identities? This new course will give you the opportunity to make sense of your personal Jewishness; it will help you overcome perceived incompatibilities between Judaism and modern society; and it will provide you with the clarity and conviction to pass on a legacy of Jewish pride to the next generation. February 2014 Enroll at http://www.myjli.com/

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jerusalemplus tv


Coolamnews.com et son prolongement sur Youtube est fondée par une équipe de francophones partageant un point commun: leur amour d’Israël et leur souci d’une information professionnelle. Coordonnée par David Sebban, composée de journalistes, mais aussi d’un officier de Tsahal et d’un expert en Stratégie, la rédaction de Coolamnews vise à amener une actualité Israélienne sans filtre aux francophones, sur un plateau. Coolamnews est le seul media francophone assurant une veille de l’actualité Israélienne 24h/24 par l’intermédiaire de son fil info: toutes les dernières actualités du pays sont disponibles en un coup d’œil à ses lecteurs, à tout moment de la journée. Coolamnews, c’est aussi une sélection de vidéos offrant aux francophones un angle de vue d’Israël qui leur était jusqu’ici inaccessible à cause des barrières linguistique ou culturelle…

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les camps de concentration et d'extermination

11.10.2015 Le camp d'extermination de Tréblinka a été créé par les nazis pour éliminer les juifs de la Pologne occupée. En tout, 900 000 hommes, femmes et enfants y ont . Le camp d'extermination de Tréblinka a été créé par les nazis pour éliminer les juifs de la Pologne occupée. En tout, 900 000 hommes, femmes et enfants y ont . Voici une petite vidéo sur la vie dans les camps de concentration et d'extermination dites moi se que vous en pensez et ce que vous pensez qu'il faut que je .

פרק גמר הפייטן - מי יהיה הפייטן של המדינה?

08.10.2015 פרק גמר הפייטן - מי יהיה הפייטן של המדינה?

Pourquoi manger casher?

17.01.2014 (Re)découvrez les fondamentaux du Judaïsme avec nos clips (10mn) Alef-bet. Des dizaines d'autres clips sur http://akadem.org/pour-commencer/

Sobibor 14 octobre 1943 16 heures 2001

04.04.2015 Le camp d'extermination de Sobibór était un camp d'extermination nazi, situé au sud-est de l'actuelle Pologne, non loin des frontières ukrainienne et biélorusse, à environ 250 km de Varsovie Sobibor 14 octobre 1943 16 heures est un documentaire de 95 minutes réalisé par Claude Lanzmann sur la révolte des prisonniers du camp d'extermination de Sobibor le 14 octobre 1943. Ce documentaire est composé d'un mélange de prises de vues de situation tournées en 2001 et de l'interview de Yehuda Lerner réalisée en 1979. Yehuda Lerner s'exprime en hébreu dans le film. Yehuda Lerner est un témoin direct des événements ayant eu lieu lors de cette révolte pour y avoir participé activement. Son interview a été réalisée dans la période où Claude Lanzmann tournait son film Shoah mais il décida par la suite de ne pas inclure cette interview pour lui consacrer un documentaire à part. Yehuda Lerner raconte son histoire de prisonnier juif, adolescent lors des faits, qui va s'évader de plusieurs camps et toujours être repris, puis se retrouver au sein d'un groupe de prisonniers de l'Armée rouge. C'est ce groupe qui fomentera la révolte dont le point d'orgue est l'assassinat simultané d'officiers nazis à une date et une heure précise dans plusieurs points du camp de Sobibor (d'où le titre du film). Cette opération permettra l'évasion de centaines de prisonniers, et entraînera le massacre des prisonniers ne s'étant pas enfuis et la destruction du camp par les nazis peu de temps après.

Musique judéo-andalouse

avec Benjamin Bouzaglo, Haïm Louk, Moshé Louk et Shimon Sibony. Rétrouvez la suite du concert sur Akadem http://www.akadem.org/

Qu'est-ce que la kipa ?

 13.11.2012 (Re)découvrez les fondamentaux du Judaïsme avec nos clips (10mn) Alef-bet. Des dizaines d'autres clips sur http://akadem.org/pour-commencer/

L enfant De Buchenwald 2015 FRENCH

 12.04.2015 En avril 1943, alors que sa femme attend un enfant, Hans Pippig est déporté au camp de concentration de Buchenwald. À son arrivée, le Kapo André Hofel (à la tête d’un réseau de résistants au sein du camp) le prend sous son aile, en souvenir de l’amitié qu’il portait à son père. Deux années passent et au printemps 1945, les alliés passent le Rhin. Quelques semaines avant la libération de Buchenwald, un Polonais, Marian, arrive au camp avec une valise dans laquelle Hans découvre un enfant juif de 3 ans, Stefan. Sa découverte par les SS entraînerait inévitablement sa mort. Hans, le Kapo Hofel et un groupe de prisonniers décident de le protéger au péril de leurs vies. Hofel et Marian sont torturés pendant des semaines par un SS sadique, sans jamais rien avouer concernant l’enfant et ses protecteurs. Malgré le danger de mort qui pèse sur lui, Hans est prêt à tout pour sauver Stefan dans lequel il voit l’enfant qu’il aurait dû avoir avant d’être déporté. L’enfant devient alors le symbole de l’espoir et de l’avenir dans l’enfer de la captivité...


Israel Heute

Israel Heute Nachrichten 

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Synagogenkonzerte für Toleranz - Jüdische Gemeinden in Ungarn - 02.10.2015

Synagogenkonzerte für Toleranz - Jüdische Gemeinden in Ungarn, ein Beitrag von Maria Ossowski, sowie die Parascha Schemini Azeret von Joel Berger.

Sukóth - Laubhüttenfest - 25.09.2015

Die kommende Woche feiern wir das Laubhüttenfest. Parascha Sukkot von Joel Berger.

Der Jom Kipur und der Kol Nidre - 18.09.2015

In unserem jüdischen Kalender beginnen die Tage nicht um Mitternacht, sondern schon am Vortag, wenn die Sonne untergeht. Und so beginnt der Jom Kipúr schon am Dienstagabend. In der Synagoge hören wir zum Beginn des Versöhnungstages ein besonderes Lied: das Kol Nidre. Für viele Juden gibt es nichts „Jüdischeres“ als gerade dieses Kol Nidre. Kol Nidre ist aramäisch und bedeutet so viel wie „alle Schwüre“. Ein Schwur oder ein Versprechen ist in unserem Verständnis ein Eid gegenüber Gott. Abschwören, Verträge aufkündigen, Versprechen auflösen, ein unbeschriebenes Blatt sein. Zu Beginn des Versöhnungstages können solche Schwüre aufgelöst werden. Gerald Beyrodt über einen ganz besonderen liturgischen Gesang, den wir am Dienstagabend in der Synagoge hören werden: das „Kol Nidre“.

Rosch ha Schanáh - 11.09.2015

Rosch ha Schanáh 5776 in unserer Keliláh Bamberg. Ein Beitrag von Carlo Schindhelm, sowie unsere Parascha Rosch Haschana von Rabbiner Joel Berger

Die hebräische Stadt - 100 Jahre Tel Aviv (Doku, 2009)

29.02.2012 Mit keiner anderen Stadt wird Tel Aviv so gerne verglichen wie mit New York. Die hebräische Stadt ist hektisch, aufregend, hässlich, schön, jung, kreativ, multikulturell, modisch, launisch, absurd, witzig, und vor allem: ein Wunder. Vor genau 100 Jahren gab es dort, wo Tel Aviv heute steht, fast nur Sanddünen. Und sonst nichts. Tel Aviv war ein Traum: Die erste hebräische Stadt seit den Zeiten der Bibel, die erste Stadt, in der Juden und nur Juden leben. Aber frei und unabhängig - im Gegensatz zum Ghetto. Tel Aviv ist die Anti-These zu Jerusalem: Keine Stadt, in der der jahrtausende alte jüdische Glaube tonnenschwer auf jedem Stein liegt, keine Stadt mit einer wilden, bewegten Geschichte, sondern ein unbeschriebenes Blatt, ein neues Konzept, die Idee des "neuen Juden", der sich von der Vergangenheit der Verfolgung, der Unterdrückung, aber auch der Enge der Religion entfernt hat, um ein neues Kapitel in der jüdischen Geschichte zu schreiben: Das hebräische Kapitel. Mit Hebräisch als Sprache einer neuen Kultur, die sich auf die Zukunft, und nicht mehr auf die Vergangenheit konzentriert, die hoffnungsfroh ins 20. und nun ins 21. Jahrhundert blickt und nicht mehr rückwärtsgewandt 3.000 Jahre Geschichte immer wieder aufs Neue "durcharbeitet". SENDETERMIN Di, 15.12.09, 03.45 Uhr Tel Aviv als Schnittpunkt zwischen Okzident und Orient, als Sammelbecken für Menschen aus mehr als 120 Ländern, als Stadt ohne Geschichte, die sich ständig neu erfindet, sei es in der Architektur, in der Literatur, in der Musik, im Theater, also in der Kunst, als auch im Sozialen und vor allem: in der Politik. Denn Tel Aviv will "Normalität" schaffen, Normalität für Juden, die nicht mehr verfolgt werden, aber die sich auch nicht mehr im Krieg befinden. Und so kommt es, dass Tel Aviv auch zum Zentrum des Widerstands gegen Besatzung und Siedlungspolitik, gegen Rechts, gegen Nationalismus und Orthodoxie geworden ist. Richard C. Schneiders Film "Die hebräische Stadt" erzählt die Geschichte der Stadt und ihrer Menschen, erzählt von den Jahren des Aufbruchs, der kulturellen Umbrüche, den politischen Verwerfungen - und von den jungen Kreativen, die diese Stadt zu einem einzigartigen Sammelpunkt neuer Ideen machen. Weit über 60 Prozent der Bewohner von Tel Aviv sind unter 40! Eine junge Stadt mit einer jungen Bevölkerung. Eine Stadt mit Zukunft, die jedoch ständig bedroht wird -- zur Zeit durch Auslöschungsdrohungen aus Teheran, durch Terror und Raketenangriffen in der Vergangenheit. Ein Film von Richard C. Schneider Quelle: phoenix

ZDF heute journal Die Toten Hosen live in tel aviv 10-10-04

Life + Style Tel Aviv (23.06.2011, ZDF)

Sonne, Meer und pulsierendes Leben - Tel Aviv gilt als die Partystadt des Nahen Ostens. ZDF-Korrespondent Christian Sievers zeigt uns die Vielfalt Israels.

Liebe trotz allem - Deutsch-Israelische Beziehungsgeschichten Doku (2015)

23.05.2015 50 Jahre Deutsch-Israelische Beziehungen sind auch 50 Jahre Liebesbeziehungen zwischen Deutschen und Israelis. Was zieht Israelis und Deutsche zueinander hin? Spielt der Täter-Opfer-Komplex dabei noch eine Rolle? Oder zählt die Geschichte gar nicht mehr? Drei Generationen. Drei gemischte Paare. Dreimal 

Life + Style Tel Aviv (18.10.2011, ZDF)

Sonne, Meer und pulsierendes Leben - Tel Aviv gilt als die Partystadt des Nahen Ostens. ZDF-Korrespondent Christian Sievers zeigt uns die Vielfalt Israels.

Mein neues Leben in Jerusalem - Eine Deutsche unter orthodoxen Juden

20.06.2012 Porträt der ins Judentum konvertierten Deutschen Elishewa, die in Jerusalem mit ihrem Mann und sieben Kindern das abgeschottete, entbehrungsreiche und streng reglementierte Leben der ultraorthodoxen Juden führt. Elishewas Familie befolgt streng die Regeln der Thora, die durch zahllose detaillierte Gebote und Verbote den Alltag regeln. Kontakte zur säkularen Welt, Internet und Fernsehen sind unterbunden. Die Ultraorthodoxen unterhalten eigene Medien, Bücher und ihr eigenes Bildungssystem. Der soziale Umgang schreibt weitgehende Geschlechtertrennung vor. Die Jungen und Männer verbringen in der Regel die Tage in der ganztägigen Thora-Schule und arbeiten nur im notwendigen Rahmen. Mädchen hingegen bekommen eine bessere Allgemeinbildung, denn sie müssen später für den Unterhalt der Familie arbeiten. Finanzielle Unterstützung leisten Sponsoren und die Gesellschaft

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The Romaniotes - the Jewish Community from Greece (tcbradio interview) audio only

 01.05.2013 Isaak Dostis now lives full time in Janina, Greece. He is a member of the small Greek-Jewish community there, but previously lived for years in the New York Metro area and helped to create the Museum about Greek speaking Jewish people known as the "Romaniotes." (meaning Jews from the Roman Empire).  Learn about the customs, traditions AND FOOD! of the Romaniotes. The website for the museum is www.kkjsm.org.

The Rebbe: IDF = Physical Defense AND Spiritual Defense

 09.10.2015 If the Israel Defense Forces are to live up to their name, they must also be active in defending the fabric of Jewish life –Torah and Mitzvos. 24 Elul, 5749 – September 24, 1989 From Living Torah Volume 145 Program 579

Do You Support Israel?

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"Don't Forget Me By Your 75th"

24.09.2015 In honor of the 75th anniversary of Jack and Miriam Shenkman, a compilation of their encounters with the Rebbe

A Vote of Confidence, Part I

09.10.2015 Rabbi Simon Jacobson recalls the visit of the controversial Israeli writer, Natan Yellin-Mor, to his home one Rosh Hashanah, and the fateful exchange the writer shared with the Rebbe at the conclusion of the festival. From Living Torah Volume 144 Program 574

"Jüdischer Tango: Ich hab' kein Heimatland"

"I have no Motherland - Jewish tango" - full title. Marek Weber Orchester Refraingesang: John Hendrik

The World's Blueprint

From Living Torah (Volume 40, Episode 160) http://www.livingtorah.org

Rabbi Engineer, Part 1: The Brooklyn Navy Yard (Russian)

From Living Torah (Volume 53, Episode 210) http://www.livingtorah.org

Pesach Burstein - Sonny Boy, Polish Shtetl, Columbia 1928

 17.09.2007 Pesach Burstein ran away from home in Poland to join a traveling Yiddish theater troupe, and wandered from country to country. He was arrested as a spy by Russians during World War I. He came to the USA in the 1923, when his troupe was sponsored by Boris Thomashefsky to play on the Upper East Side Yiddish theatres on Manhattan's Second Avenue. Securing a contract with Columbia Records, he went on to record a number of hits, including the Yiddish version of Sonny Boy, and Odessa Mama. He married twice, the second time to Lillian Lux, an upcoming star of the Yiddish stage. He performed The Komediant and A Khasene in Shtetl and other popular Yiddish productions in numerous productions all over the world, first with his wife and his troupe, and later along with his twin children Mike and Susan as well (advertised as the Four Bursteins, the twins were given stage names of Motele and Zisele). After the Holocaust, due to a drastic reduction in the size of the Yiddish audience, he was instrumental in finding out diasporic communities as far afield as South America, and East Europe, as well as Israel. He initially settled in Israel but later left due to the state tax levied on Yiddish theater for promotion of the Hebrew language, and problems with authorities. His family and troupe also performed extensively in upstate New York in the Borscht Belt (the Catskill Mountains area), and he later opened his own theater in Brooklyn - The Hopkinson. His troupe usually performed crowd-pulling acts, but won critical acclaim in Israel and on Broadway for performing Itzik Manger's Songs of the Megillah (Yiddish: Megille Lider - the longest running Yiddish production to date in Israel, released on Broadway as Megilla of Itzik Manger). He also performed a small role in the Israel Becker-directed movie Shnei Kuni Leml, starring his son. On the 100th anniversary of his birth, director Arnon Goldfinger directed a documentary film about the lives and careers of the Burstein family - The Komediant, named after Burstein's career and being the name of one of his shows.

Mieczysław Fogg - Ostatnia niedziela, 1936

20.09.2007 The „Last Sunday" -- erroneously called „THAT Last Sunday" -- was composed by Jerzy Petersburski in 1936. It is a nostalgic tango with lyrics by Zenon Friedwald describing the final meeting of former lovers who are parting. The Polish title was "To Ostatnia Niedziela" ("The Last Sunday"). The song was extremely popular and was performed by numerous artists (best kown performance by Mieczysław Folg). Along the way, it first gained the nick-name of "Suicide Tango" due to its sad lyric (although, the real „suicie song" in the night restaurants of Eastern Europe -- where the shoot in the brow at 12 at night was not any unusual happening - was In 1930s another sad „Sunday": the „Gloomy Sunday" (in Polish: „Smutna niedziela") by a Hungarian composer Rezső Seress. (Soon, an international hit; in the US sung by Billie Holiday).  But this Polish „Last Sunday" song also had a terribly sad fate. During World War II In the concentrations camps it was often played while Jewish prisoners were led to the gas chambers and ovens, to be executed. During World War II its Russian version was prepared by Iosif Alveg and performed by Leonid Utyosov under the title of "Weary Sun" (Russian: "Utomlyennoye Solntse"). After World War II, the song remained largely successful and appeared in a number of films, including Yuriy Norshteyn's 1979 "Tale of Tales" (considered by many international critics to be the greatest animated film ever made), the award-winning Krzysztof Kieślowski's "White" (1994) and Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun" of the same year. The Russian title of the song also became the name-sake for the latter film and -- as the result - even the more educated and worldly Russians nowadays consider the old tango from Warsaw their „Russian national song".  Recording: Mieczysław Fogg - To ostatnia niedziela (Petersburski/Friedwald), Syrena-Electro 1936

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Jewish History Rabbi Berel Wein


The 4 Sephardic synagogues in the ancient city of Jerusalem. Tour guide: Zahi Shaked

12.10.2015 Zahi Shaked A tour guide in Israel and his camera zahigo25@walla.com 97-54-26905522 tel

A tour of the main Belzer Synagogue in Jerusalem

27.02.2013 Elder of Ziyon was given a personal tour of the huge Belzer Chassid synagogue in Jerusalem. If you like this, there's lots more at http://ElderOfZiyon.blogspot.com

Scenes of Jewish Life in Kerala, India (1937)

11.10.2015 Documentary footage made by anthropologist David Mandelbaum in September, 1937. David Goodman Mandelbaum (1911-1987), who taught at the University of California, Berkeley from 1946 until his retirement in 1978, was one of the first cultural anthropologists to undertake ethnographic research in India. In 1937, he visited Kerala during the High Holy Days, and spent two weeks with the Jewish community there, documenting many of their customs, taking pographs and a short film, and collecting materials he published in "The Jewish Way of Life in Cochin" (Jewish Social Studies 1/1939) and in several later articles. Mandelbaum served in the U.S. Army in India and Burma during the Second World War, and taught at the University of Minnesota before coming to U.C. Berkeley. His many publications included the authoritative two-volume "Society in India" (1970). His analysis of the social structure of the Kerala Jews had a significant influence on subsequent scholarship about them. David G. Mandelbaum collection, 1976.311.3 The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life The Bancroft Library University of California, Berkeley www.magnes.org


How an Affaire Francaise Became Our Affaire - Lecture by Dr. Robert Zaretsky on the Dreyfus Affair

05.04.2013 Live from the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, TX The second of a series of lectures by Dr. Robert Zaretsky of the University of Houston Honors College. This lecture is from the Center for Jewish Living and Learning Scholar Series entitled French Jewry Then and Now.

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Daf Yomi Rabbi Dov Linzer Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School

Chassidic Thought for the Week - "Let There Be Light" - With Chaim "Luzy" Bryski

 08.10.2015 The first portion of the Book of Genesis opens with the creation of the world and the Divine Utterance of "Let There be Light". But why would G-d open with the creation of light if there was nothing yet created that would benefit from the light? This talk, based on a Sicha delivered by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, gives us a deeper understanding of "Let There Be Light!" - the marching order of the Jew.

Road to Success | Partners with The Creator

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Rebbe Clips,,,,,, Sukkos 5776 With Chernobil Rebbe

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Kupat Ha'ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha'ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada http://www.kupat.org